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Float Switches For Level Detection

The GILBEYCO Float switch assembly consists of a polypropylene float switch sealed into a length of half inch polypropylene  pipe, the other end of the pipe is fitted with a sealed cable gland.  As standard, the assembly has two metres of cable, but longer lengths are available.  The polypropylene pipe can be made to any length, to suit the application. 
The assembly is usually fitted into a tank using a polypropylene bracket onto which standard half inch pipe clips are welded, the pipe is clipped into the clips and can be slid up or down to adjust the switching point.  We can supply the brackets to suit the requirement.

The switch is used for heater / pump low level protection, level alarms, valve control, etc.  The contact is rated up to 120 Volts / 0.2 Amps - due to the low switching current the switch must be used to operate a relay, rather than switching a load (heater, valve, etc) directly.  The switch is supplied in normally open configuration, but is easily converted to normally closed operation.

For high temperature applications (90 degrees C and above) we can supply stainless steel switches and pipes.