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Heater Controllers

Without low-level protection 284.00 +VAT

With low-level protection 345.00 +VAT

The GILBEYCO H175 heater controller is a digitally operated controller capable of switching up to 30 Amps (a single phase 6 Kilowatt heater).  It is supplied as standard with a 400 mm long temperature probe that is totally encased in solid PTFE, with 2 metres of PTFE sheathed cable.


The controller's digital display shows the solution's temperature, and also allows the required temperature to be set. Maximum and minimum temperatures may be programmed, and password protected if necessary. The controller may also be used in "cooling" rather than "heating" mode, for refrigeration and cooling applications.


We supply a lot of these controllers as "back up" units to existing controllers, as many insurance companies now insist on having a second level of safety on heated tanks. In this case, the controller's relay is wired in series with either the existing control circuit or the heater's power supply. This gives backup over-temperature and low-level safety.

For larger heaters, multiple heaters, or any other type of control system, we can give you a quote for a custom built unit. Just call or email us - or simply use the form on the "Enquiries" page.

NOTE these controllers must be connected to a mains supply that incorporates a fuse or circuit breaker rated to suit the heater, as well as an earth leakage protection device.  We can fit the controller with an RCD or RCBO (residual current circuit breaker) to suit your heater as an option.

A low solution level protection option is available which will switch off the heater in the event of the tank level dropping. This consists of a pressure switch (fitted inside the controller's enclosure) connected, via a PVC hose, to a polypropylene tube mounted in the tank (as shown on the left). When the liquid drops below the tube, the pressure switch opens, and the heater is disabled. The tube supplies as standard is 400 mm long, but can be adjusted up or down within the supplied bracket, or cut to length.

For solutions where a polypropylene dip tube is not suitable, we can supply other materials, such as PVC, stainless steel, titanium, etc.