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Heater Low-Level Protection

The GILBEYCO low solution level protection  device is used for switching off a  heater (or pump, etc) in the event of the tank's liquid level dropping below a safe level. The unit consists of a pressure switch (fitted inside the controller's enclosure) connected, via a PVC hose, to a polypropylene tube mounted in the tank (as shown below). When the liquid drops below the tube, the pressure switch opens -  and the heater is disabled.
We supply many of these controllers as "back up" units to existing heater and level controls, as many insurance companies now insist on having a second level of safety on heated tanks. In this case, the unit's pressure switch is wired in series with the existing heater control circuit to give backup low-level safety.

The supplied dip tube is 400mm long, and includes a mounting bracket. For solutions where a polypropylene dip tube is not suitable, we can supply other materials, such as PVC, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

The depth of the tube is adjusted by simply sliding it up or down in the bracket, or it may be cut to length.